Nelly Winterhalder

Dramatic text


The doctor has her office on the top floor of the mall, from where she measures the pulse of society. Her patients come to her with failing health, unfulfilled desires or a deep need for a holiday on prescription. The doctor helps as best she can but is worn down by her patients’ needs and a progressive allergy. The situation in the mall escalates when Gro is diagnosed with a fatal illness. How does she, the doctor and everyone else react to a condition where empathy is the only cure?
In Storsenter (The Mall), the doctor’s surgery fills the stage while the audience sits in the waiting room. With biting black humour, the text lets rip at a society that lives its life at the mall with the doctor as God.

Roles: 5 (unspecified)

Development of the text was supported by Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting.

Selected for the Bergen Drama Festival 2020

Agent for showings in the Nordic countries: Songbird Agency