Nelly Winterhalder

Dramatic text

The Hen, the Egg and the Fox

The Hen finally lays an egg. She gets up for a moment and suddenly the egg is gone! In the nest is the Fox. The Hen and the Fox then embark on an adventurous hunt for the egg.

H√łna, egget og reven (The Hen, the Egg and the Fox) is a slapstick text about adversity, belonging and friendship, and about children who turn out differently from what their parents imagined. A tribute to imperfect life.

Roles: 3 (unspecified)


Development of the text was supported by The Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting, Arts Council Norway and the Audio and Visual Fund.

Selected for the Norwegian Drama Festival 2019

Premiere Feb. 2021, Riksteatret, directed by Gunnar Eiriksson

Agent for showings in the Nordic countries: Songbird Agency