Nelly Winterhalder

Dramatic text

Holy Monkey

Harald and Taimi are on their way to each other. Father and daughter, they haven't been in touch for eleven years, after Harald left the home without warning, from one day to another. As the pandemics redefined notions of closeness and family, Taimi contacted Harald with only one question: "Shall we just meet?"

In eight episodes, this radio theatre piece invites the listener onto Harald's and Taimi's inner and outer journey towards seeing each other.
What are their fears? What are their hops? How have they changed since they last saw? What do they expect from the encounter?

The piece is written in English by Lois Armas (Finland) and Nelly Winterhalder as the third season of the podcast series "Middle Eastern Bloc" by Post Theatre Collective (Finland).

Voices: 2


The work was comissioned by the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Director: David Kozma. Launch 9/2023 at the Together Again Festival in Helsinki, Finland.