Nelly Winterhalder

Dramatic text


Fanny and Holger are a wealthy, childless couple who live Here. If they had not been born Here, then they would have been born There. They would be a different couple because There is a place where it does not rain.
Through a fluid exchange of roles and scenes, Fanny and Holger slide from Here to There. What happens Here has consequence There, and vice versa. Absurdity and reality go hand in hand, but what is coincidental? Is there room for responsible action? And where does it actually all begin?

Beginnings is a play cut with bravura about children and climate change, idealism and pleasure, economic challenges and emotional insecurity, global butterfly effects and a fish that swallowed one bait too many.

Roles: 1 F, 1 M


Development of the text was supported by Arts Council Norway and the Audio and Visual Fund.

Premiere 11/2021 at Scharoun Theater Wolfsburg, Germany, directed by Nelly Winterhalder / Ann Sam Bell