Nelly Winterhalder

Dramatic text

jeg har aldri

One ordinary Saturday evening, a bunch of friends go for a normal vorspiel, party and nachspiel. They dance and drink, laugh and chat. Maybe someone notices She and He disappearing into his room late at night in the middle of a drinking game. He thinks what gradually happens between them there is nothing but fun. She says it is rape.
By means of a loosely connected series of scenes and minor episodes, He, She and the friends reconstruct a composite picture of what has happened. Friendship, prejudice, intoxication, pried and bragging distort their views of the stories relating to that night. The performance does not wag a moral finger or provide solutions but allows the possibility of seeing beyond the newspaper headlines or a case of party rape not pursued by the police. Who is involved? What do they experience? And why?
A text about guilt and confusion, limits and vodka, porn and reality, skirts, the jack of hearts and about being a boy and being a girl. A text about how important it is to speak out.

Roles: 3 F, 2 M


Development of the text was supported by Arts Council Norway.

Premiere 2/2013, Rommen scene Oslo, Norway, directed by Cecilie Mosli

German premiere 6/2021, Schauburg Munich, Germany, directed by Katharina Mayrhofer